Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Chapter 3 Lesson 12

We learned earlier that though Dharma is generally explained away as 'religion, duty...In the Hindu concept 'Dharma' means a lot more.
It is the Dharma of a soldier to fight and the dharma of an ascetic, not to.

When the children are young it is the 'dharma' of a mother to look after them, but as the children, come of age, it is the 'dharma' of the same mother to 'let them go'

In Chapter 3 Verse 35 Krishna states: “Better is ones own law (dharma) though imperfectly carried out than the law of another carried out perfectly”
I would quote Shakespeare here: “…and above all else to thine own self be true”
Maybe we could also add “To be or not to be that is the question”
In the context of the Geeta the message of Krishna for Arjuna would be:
Do not talk of going to the hills, meditate in caves and renounce what is due to you. You are a prince, a soldier, trained in the art of war. Do not suppress your own personality and copy activities of someone else…

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