Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter 4 Lesson 7
Rag Dvesh Likes Dislikes

My note:
Hindu Philosophy constantly speaks about going beyond the ‘Pairs of opposites’
What are these pairs of opposites?
Joy, Grief…Success failure…Likes dislikes…
How does one ‘go beyond’ these pairs?
By going through them as one goes through summer winter, heat cold, day night…
How does one do that?
Wear a sweater, put on a heater, light a fire during winter…and wear light clothes, have a dip in water, switch on a fan or air conditioner during summer…In other words do your best to insulate yourself and get on with the act of living…
Keep away from a burning fire or storm the best way you can.
Keeping on complaining does not really benefit you or others, is it not so?

Krishna states in Verse 20, 21, 22, 23 of Chapter 4:
He who gives up attachment to fruit…performs only bodily action…Is content with whatever is got unsought…transcends all pairs of opposites…Is established in the knowledge of the Self…is not bound by his action… and incurs no sin.

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