Sunday, January 02, 2011

I had read a strange story. A man wears tight shoes and complains every day, whole day, because they pinch him.
Finally friends told him: Why dont you just buy a size bigger?
He answered: Because I love the joy and relief I experience when I remove my very tight shoes!

Bet you did not understand the moral.

Let me explain it to you in Osho's words: Problems don't exist, only people exist, but we create problems out of a certain neurosis because we are afraid to be left alone...When you create a problem you forget the whole world because you are focussed on the problem...You are bigger than the problem and you feel very good, because you know that something can be done about it. You feel very powerful because you can go on playing with it...When you stop the cycle of creating and solving problems, you will become available to the infinite energy that surrounds you.

What to do about problems which are real? I believe in doing what the Geeta says, which I repeat in my own simple words: Do your best and leave the rest or
Let go of your expectations and fixed ideas about how things should be done. Don't try to force things to happen. Just do as much as you can, then step back and see what takes shape.

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