Thursday, July 07, 2011

Chapter 6 Lesson 2

In the last lesson we learned that by merely giving up activity one does not become a sanyaasi (renouncer) but by giving up desire of fruits of action.
My note
During the so many years that I have been an instrument to explain the Geeta, youngsters have often asked: "How can one act without expecting fruits of action?
My understanding is: eg you want to be a doctor, you study medicine and you pursue your goal systematically until you become one. But you will only be able to be faithful to your goal if you concentrate on the diligently...In the spiritual context your effort of the moment is your 'success meter' whether you become a doctor or not is in God's hands.

Krishna in verse 5 of chapter 6 states: 
One should lift oneself by one's own efforts...for ones own self is ones own friend and ones own self is ones own enemy.
Ones own self becomes ones own friend when one conquers ones body senses and mind.
My note:
Guru Nanak says something similar: 
Man jeetey jag jetty
He who conquers the mind conquers the world.

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