Friday, July 01, 2011

I got the following invitation:

My Dear Friend,
I am attaching the invitation for the VOLUNTEERS TRAINING PROGRAM to be held on Saturday, June 25th ,2011,
at 10am to be held at BCAS.
We will be very happy to see you all there but also bring in your friends who would be interested in participating in the program
Please also share this message with other members and friends who have attended the meeting in the past as they may fail to see this message or fail to receieve this invitation
Please do confrim your participation so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you.
hope to see you all on Saturday. June 25 at The BCAS.
warm regards.

My note:

Dear Friends,
I personally attended this program and I think it is very do able.
Just 2 hrs every saturday morning for 12 weeks.
The english that needs to be taught is absolutely basic and no preparation is really necesarry.
BCAS is short for Bombay Chartered Association Society and is situated opposite Nirmala Niketan, Marine Lines.

Do please attend and help 'make a difference'
Much love Shakun
If you live in Mumbai
For more details you may call a very enthusiastic vibrant young lady called Farheen Vaseem
981 910 8191
Much love,
Shakun Kimatrai

Be kinder than necessary-
Everyone you meet is fighting
Some kind of battle.

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