Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chapter 6 Lesson 6

My note:
Hinduism teaches that as a step towards the ultimate experience of Enlightenment Shravan (the perfect art of listening) is very important. The next step is Manan (to contemplate upon, what one has listened to, and then to apply (What one has heard and contemplated upon) to ones life.
We have never truly listened.
We have many tricks and devices not to listen.
We hear only that which we want to, and not what is being said.
We fall asleep when something important is being said.
Sleep protects one against all one does not want to know.
If it is not sleep we get lost in, then it is an internal dialogue of our own.
All teachings aim at breaking the constant dialogue and create an internal space within. (Various methods were explained in the previous note in order to create a silent internal space, in the previous note) Once the silent internal space is arrived at, then, one becomes acquainted with true meditation.
What to do next?
Lord Krishna will explain it in the next lesson.

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