Thursday, March 27, 2008

Meet Ms Basanti Roy (divisional secretary Mumbai, Maharashtra , Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education).
When we started the Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity, we figured that a woman should lead the movement because she has more compassion and less of an ego. But then a woman is present in every family as a mother, sister, then why is there so much violence...we concluded that the reason may be because a woman does not have a voice...(Actually she has a voice, but mostly hysterical due to the fact that that voice is not fine-tuned) so we proceeded to try and fine tune that voice by various means...Through education, health, spirituality, a lesson in 'Gems of Faiths' which leads to Communal Harmony...
Anyway coming back to Ms Basanti Roy who is the Vice Chairperson of the Movement (Yours Truly is the Chairperson)
A Call was put to Ms Basanti Roy who directed 17 year old Omkar Pimple an HSC examinee to the closest station Dahisar (Shailendra Education Centre to take his exam. You see young Omkar suffered a panic attack as he was sure that he would not make it for his 11 am Sanskrit paper at an HSC Centre in Churchgate.
Once again a woman has time...NO! finds time to use her heart...
Love you, Basanti!


pagdandi said...

proud of u mem

Unknown said...

Dear Maam ,
Today (19th Dec,10) I heard your speech in KEF programme, I I was impressed. Thank you for motivating us.
With Regards