Saturday, March 08, 2008

Today is Women's Day.
I celebrated appropriately the "Eve" of Women's Day with a Lunch with longtime Girlfriends, Tea with an Introductory talk of Catharsis of the Soul and a Dinner with Aarogyaanjali where Dr Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Bombay was the Chief Guest.
Did you know that the present Women's Day Celebration is an apt reminder of when 15000 women marched through New York City demanding shorter hours better pay and voting rights in 1908?
According to a compilation by Ismat Tahseen, a few years later, the first Women's Day was launched in March 8, 1911 on Copenhagen, by Ciara Zetkin, leader of the Women's office for the Social Democratic Party in Germany.

Alonside, the multi faceted young intelligent charming Dr Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Bombay and Chief Guest at AarogyAnjali.
Within 2 months of her appointment she has kick-started various projects...The ones closest to my heart is how women in distress can email on: and also sms 'HELP" to 573333

I cannot stop myself from adding that I have known Indu as a child and she was always an outstanding young girl who has blossomed not only into a beautiful woman but a great human being...One of the points that she put accross at Aarogyanjali was that women must pursue their passion...and become pro-active to lead a change...and she looked at me and stated like 'Mrs Kimatrai has' and I was touched, and I 'saw' that she is in touch with her roots...and I think that I am right in my perception that though she is soaring high, she has her feet firmly on the ground!

Atta girl, Keep going! We women are behind you!

Alongside Dr Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Bombay lighting a lamp at AarogyAnjali A Tribute to Women's Health an initiative of Times Foundation.
However busy you may be, cull out 30 mins for your very own self advised psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria...
Infertility Specialist Ms Anjali Malpani explained how women are always on a roller coaster ride because of hormonal ups and is time that a woman stops neglecting her health...
Nutritionist Ms Anjali Mukherjee explained how food is not only the foundation to health but also to beauty...

Alongside Ms Leena Prabhoo, one of the Founder Trustees of Women's Movement for Peace and Prosperity urging the 'Life' Group to get rid of the emotional garbage that we have accumulated over the years!

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